Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed Mortgage – Mortgage Co What is Japanese Knotweed and how does it factor into the housing market? Japanese knotweed or Fallopia Japonica is a non-native invasive plant species that originates from Japan. This aggressive weed was brought to the UK by a scientist in the 19th century, mainly for ornamental reasons for members […]

95% Mortgage Update

Steven from the Mortgage Co team provides a brief update on 95% Mortgages and the Government-backed Scheme, following his previous episode. This includes: Further lenders offering 95% Mortgages under the scheme Current rates Advantages and disadvantages A reminder of the alternative schemes available Advice from Mortgage Co Your home may be repossessed if you do […]

Mortgage Application Process

Our latest podcast talks about the various stages of a mortgage application. Read on for a summary of the discussion.  What is the first step in a mortgage application? The best place to get started with a mortgage is with pre-approval, which is called a Decision in Principle. This is where the lender does some […]