There are different types of insurance available covering different aspects of your life, we’ll help to make sure that your family are protected. 

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Life Assurance: A safety net for your family.

Mortgage Co can help you provide a financial safety net for your loved ones. Life Assurance is a policy designed to pay out upon your death, this means that your family will receive a lump sum after you’re gone. Life Assurance helps to protect your family from financial worries they could face if you die. As well as covering mortgage repayments a life insurance policy can help with household bills.

As experts in insurance, our consultants can help you find the right life insurance policy that is tailored to your needs.

Income protection: Protect your income in case the unexpected happens.

Income protection insurance can be a valuable way of making sure you are able to meet your outgoings should you be unable to work. By providing a monthly income if you are unfortunate enough not to be able to work in the event of injury, illness or redundancy. This means you and your family are protected from financial difficulties including mortgage payment arrears.

In contrast to critical illness, the types of illness covered by these policies are not necessarily life threatening but may still mean that your unable to continue doing your job. A qualified mortgage and protection advisor can explain the benefits so please call for further information.

Critical illness: Just in case you need it.

It’s easy to think that a critical illness won’t happen to you, but if it did you would want protection. Mortgage Co can help put critical illness cover in place to ease your recovery by paying out a lump sum or regular payment upon diagnosis of a serious illness. This could cover your care and treatment, recuperation, help pay off your mortgage or make up for any lost income.

Many homeowners purchase life insurance when they take out a mortgage however relatively few take out critical illness cover despite being more likely to need this type of cover. Critical illness cover pays out when the worst happens and you are diagnosed with an illness specified in your policy during the term of the plan. For more information or to find the right policy for you please get in touch. 

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